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Trade Dollars As Inflation Hedge

According to Eric Mancini, a Certified Financial Planner and holder of a B.S. degree in economics from Penn State University, trade dollars are a good hedge against inflation in that they represent real buying power.

Here are his recent comments...

�ITEX Corp. (OTCBB:ITEX) offers a very unique product to small businesses around the country. They operate a web site which facilitates its members� ability to barter each others excess inventory or services to one another without using cash.

�The company instead uses ITEX dollars as the main unit of currency for the member companies to exchange goods and services. This presents an interesting play for inflation. The company itself holds some ITEX dollars (as well as extends ITEX dollar credit lines to some of its customers), thereby hedging itself to some extent from the U.S. dollar. These units represent true and absolute buying power for other members� goods and services.

�ITEX makes it money through fixed annual member fees and transaction fees that range from 5%-9%. The company is profitable and relatively financially stable. ITEX should earn about $0.03/share this year, and has $0.07/share in cash, with no long term debt.�

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