Time-Share King’s Wife Partners With Longtime Publishing Executive

Orlando Travelhost magazine, 20-years-old in 2006, has been acquired by J&S Multimedia, a formed partnership between Susan Ortega and Jacqueline Siegel.

Ortega reportedly had been thinking about the move for eight of her twenty years with the magazine. She became more serious when former owner Bob Kazaros recently sold the magazine to devote more time to his real estate endeavors.

Jacqueline Siegel has a degree in computer engineering and has worked with the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association. She is the wife of CFI/Westgate founder David Siegel. CFI (Central Florida Investments), also owns a publication...called I Love Florida.

Orlando Travelhost averages 70 pages and is distributed in more than 100 hotels in the area, its content is 70% to 80% advertising. By using Siegel’s community contacts, the pair say they plan to add advertisers and improve local and industry awareness of the publication.

Travelhost is based in Dallas, and publishes localized editions that are primarily distributed through hotels by its franchisees who are busy selling and bartering space in the publication with retailers, restaurants, and service companies within their franchise area.