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Syndication Czar Norm Pattiz Selling Beverly Hills Estate

There are many ways one can incorporate the use of barter. And within the arena, the degree of success attained will differ as well. Here is a short story about one of the superstars´┐ŻNorm Pattiz.

In 1974 Pattiz founded Westwood One (NYSE:WON), a company that syndicates radio and TV news programs, including sports and talk shows as well as traffic reports. (Syndication is a process whereby programs are bartered to broadcast stations, in exchange for advertising time that is bundled and sold to national advertisers.)

Over time he built a powerhouse, and with success came the spoils, such as the 5-acre Beverly Hills estate that sits on a knoll behind gates with lush gardens and downtown-to-ocean views. For the past 20 years, 63-year-old Pattiz and his wife have been living in the house once owned by Marlo Thomas, but they are now ready to sell and have listed the home at $27.5 million.