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Survival Barter Kit Needed Today

According to Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor at NaturalNews.com, anyone who �foresees a financial Armageddon� should prepare a barter survival kit to keep along-side other emergency provisions.

A barter kit should contain anything thought to be of worth and usable as currency in a barter transaction. Clearly food will have the highest priority in an emergency situation. People will need to eat, and food supplies may be interrupted or non-existent. (As credit and payment systems must be working in order for food to be transported, stored and displayed in stores.) Having extra food beyond what your family will immediately need will have great value to someone who is hungry.

When planning a kit remember that long-lasting and durable goods will be in great demand in a period of breakdown. People will quickly change their eating habits when hunger sets in and there�s no other choice.

Contents should include:

Canned food items should be those that provide a decent level of protein as well as basic nutrition. Canned beans are a great choice. Canned vegetables, fruits, soups, and meats will be easily bartered during a time of systems collapse.

Dried food items like dehydrated fruits, nuts and jerky should also be included. Comfort food items will be in demand by people with sugar addiction and children who have been brought up to think eating sugary food is a treat. Drink mixes and hard candy will be valuable.

Basic personal care items are also useful for barter, as whatever items people have depleted will be in demand.

Include several manual can openers in your kit.

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