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Special Corporate Barter Session Added To IRTA Convention

The special Corporate Barter Session at IRTA will be hosted by BarterXchange Asia with a special lunch discussion. The session will be held during the IRTA conference in Savannah, Georgia, on Tuesday, September 11. It�s a well-known challenge that each trade exchange has members/contacts that are large and typically have difficulty in matching their purchasing requirements with other members not of the same capacity.

The objective of this session is to establish an international database of large organizations and multi-national corporations willing to conduct individual barter transactions in the range of US$20,000 to $500,000 or more. The database will not provide direct contact information, it is a networking/matching tool that will help facilitate putting corporate-sized deals together.

Pre-registration is required to attend the session. Each attendee will need to submit three large traders that meet the range mentioned. Contact for your registration form.

For information on the IRTA Convention go to top of page, �Site Sponsors� for click through link.

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