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Print (Newspapers & Magazines) World�s Largest Advertising Venue

According to a recent release, global newspaper sales were up 2.3% in 2006, increasing 9.48% over the past five years. The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) reported year-on-year increased sales in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, with North America the sole continent to register a decline.

When free dailies are added to the paid circulation, global circulation increased 4.6% last year, and 14.7% over the past five years. Interestingly, free dailies account for 31.9% of circulation in Europe. Ad revenues in paid dailies were up 3.7% last year, and up 15.7% over five years.

CEO Timothy Balding of Paris-based WAN, confirmed, �Newspapers in developing markets continue to increase mature markets they are showing remarkable resilience against digital media and are exploiting the digital distribution channels to increase audiences. It is remarkable that the press in print continues to be the media of preference for the majority of readers who want to remain informed.�

Newspapers share of the world ad market held relatively steady with 29.6%. They remain the world�s second largest advertising medium, after television, with more revenue than radio, cinema, outdoor, magazines and the Internet combined. When combined (newspapers and magazines), print is the world�s largest ad medium with a 42% share, compared to 38% for television.

Other points in the WAN report:

� Paid circulation, with free dailies added, had a daily increase of nearly 556 million from 2005.

� The five largest markets for daily newspapers are China, with 998.7 million copies; India, with 88.9 million copies; Japan, with 69.1 million copies; USA, with 52.3 million; and Germany, with 21.1 million.

� Global newspaper advertising revenues have increased for four straight years and were up 3.77% in 2006.

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