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Preferred Hotel Group Selects Active International As Partner

Active International, a global marketing and business solutions firm, has been selected as a new partner by Preferred Hotel Group, a multi-brand organization that delivers cutting-edge sales, marketing and service solutions, to more than 350 of the finest luxury hotels and resorts in the world.

Preferred Hotel Group (PHG) selected Active as a Preferred Alliance Partner because of its ability to deliver innovative solutions and services. Active will provide media placement services and purchasing of televisions and renovation construction materials.

�Active�s ability to connect the relationships they have with media channels, other service providers, and their list of clients with the marketing and business needs of our member hotels is quite unique,� declared John Ueberroth, Preferred Hotel Group CEO. �As a company that focuses on providing a superior experience, we select just a few companies (as Partners) that can deliver that same level of service."

In addition, Active will be booking room nights and corporate meetings for their Fortune 500 clients at PHG properties. As one of the top ten media specialists worldwide, Active�s global buying power will help increase brand awareness for PHG and its member properties, as well as provide value-added solutions.

Preferred Hotel Group is the latest addition to Active�s growing roster of travel partners. Preferred Hotel Group is designed for a new era in travel � an era in which travelers embrace the individuality of distinctive hotels and resorts yet desire a consistent commitment to excellence.

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