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Plan On Becoming A Valued Intra-preneur!

Entrepreneurs you�ve heard of. They start businesses. But everybody can�t be the founder. So if you�re an employee, a valued part of the company team, plan on becoming an intra-preneur!

Intrapreneurs are insiders who improve existing businesses. True growth opportunities exist for you when you look at your organization with an �intrapreneurial� spirit.

Here�s how you can have a dramatic effect on the company�s bottomline:

Look for ways to streamline tasks or processes. No idea, really, is insignificant. It could mean determining that a certain task is now obsolete or can be managed by someone else � freeing you up to take on different, more constructive responsibilities.

Change your way of thinking, or do things in different, more productive ways. Are you in a rut? Take a challenge or situation and try to look at it from a completely different angle. You many uncover a new way to save your organization money and time.

Sell your vision. Do you have a new idea? Have you created a breakthrough? An idea may seem worthwhile, but until it�s put into action, it will require a leap of faith � by you and those decision makers who have the power to implement your suggestions.

Be persistent. Stay with your vision long enough to let it succeed. If, for example, you have sold a plan to computerize your department, or create a Web page, and have documented the projected savings to the company, you are needed to nurture the project to make it work.

Don�t be easily discouraged, not every idea will be embraced. However, if you are tenacious, as an intra-preneur you will affect bottomline results and improve the business. You will then be acknowledged and recognized as a valued member of your organization.

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