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Paul Pilzer Foresees Dynamic Future For Travel Industry

Paul Zane Pilzer is a noted economist and multimillionaire software entrepreneur, an adjunct professor, and the author of seven best-selling books as well as dozens of scholarly publications. He told a Dallas (TX) audience at the March 4, World Ventures Convention that the travel industry provides a mode for creating great fortunes over the next decade.

According to Pilzer the demographics of the U.S. will create unprecedented opportunities in the travel industry, including the creation of wealth, as aging baby boomers begin traveling with a zest never before seen in this country.

The travel industry is transforming economies throughout the world. And perhaps more importantly, it�s bringing distant and different people face to face as more than 650 million people are traveling each year from one country to another. This number will grow as prosperity increases in developing countries, where more than two-thirds of the world population resides.

More than one out of every 15 people worldwide spend their work day catering to travelers, which accounts for the global stock of lodging, food, and transportation production reaching $3.5 trillion in annual revenue� a figure that exceeds the size of every national economy except the U.S. and Japan.