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Open Letter From IRTA�s Universal Currency Committee

Universal Currency has grown leaps and bounds in 2007. The current membership is more solid than ever. The trade volume for 2007 is a record year surpassing all years, since 2000; while we haven't closed December yet, we are currently at 5.4 million. That number reflects a significant increase in the use of the platform and its value. More importantly we are still growing...increasing our value and strength.

Highlights of 2007 include:

UC Euro currency:

Due to concern expressed by our European members of the falling value of the U.S. dollar, the committee is currently establishing the ability to maintain an account in the euro currency. Updates will be provided to the membership as we progress.

Increase in international members:

UC's trade volume increase is highly attributed to the trading between our European members with each other and abroad. This has opened many doors for travel destinations and opportunities.

Delinquent account and maintenance parameters:

The UC Committee implemented a new penalty to members who exceed their line of credit by means of credit line reduction, transaction reversal or other. This was created to further protect the integrity of the system and create incentive to get back within the credit parameters established by UC Committee International.

Looking forward in 2008:

It is with great pride that we celebrate our 10th year in business in 2008. There is tremendous momentum and excitement as we enter the New Year. Some of our core focuses for 2008 are:

Corporate barter division:

UC formed a corporate barter committee to increase trading abilities and explore and expand on ideas presented by current UC members who utilize corporate methods.

UC Euro currency:

UC will continue its focus to fine tune the UC European platform for our European members.

Credit maintenance:

The UC Committee will continue to review all lines of credit in the system, making necessary decisions based on each members 12-month rolling sales history 


With continued consolidation within the industry and the loss of a few members in 2007, we are redirecting much effort into continued growth.

In closing...while the founders and various supporters of UC have worked so hard throughout the years to get us where we are today, without you we wouldn't be here. So here's thanking you all, and wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2008. We look forward to breaking new records, reaching new heights and making new friends.

Very Truly Yours,
Jennifer Ashworth, Ron Whitney & the UC Committee

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