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April 24, 2007

Online Classifieds Show Potential

While the $100 billion global classified-advertising market is still largely the pursuit of newspapers (on the mainstream media side), thanks to their online outlets TV, cable and radio stations are making inroads into print publications once secure monopoly.

A study by found that TV station web sites in all top 50 U.S. markets offer classifieds, as do radio sites in 47 of the top 50 markets.

For TV station classified sites, real estate is the strongest category in the top 10 markets. However, when you look at the TV markets that are below the top 10, real estate is relatively even with both automotive and job classifications.

In the case of radio stations, the top 10 markets have tended to ignore the use of online classified ads. Penetration is more perceptible when it comes to markets ranked 11 to 50, especially for autos and jobs.