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National Trade Banc Nets $3 Million Media In White Springs Deal

National Trade Banc, headquartered in Houston (TX), has announced an agreement with White Springs Television and TalkStar Radio for handling $3 million of broadcast advertising media. "We are pleased to be working with White Springs because of their extensive reach in hard-to-penetrate markets across the United States and Canada," affirmed National Trade Banc chairman Roy Flis.

White Springs Television delivers classic motion pictures via satellite to local US stations coast to coast. TalkStar Radio provides free, high quality talk radio via satellite to radio stations across the United States and Canada.

"Media availability on White Springs networks," Flis said, "means National Trade Banc member businesses can increase sales and profitability by leveraging their surplus goods and services to pay for broadcast advertising, and thus reach new customers with extreme cost-effectiveness,"  Flis said. "It's a win-win for White Springs, National Trade Banc, and NTB members."

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