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National Association of Trade Exchanges Reports Banc Trading Totals

Thanks to David Powers of VIP Barter for providing the following list of the top ten trade exchanges within NATE using the Banc trade currency for their reciprocal trading in 2005.

Continental Trade Ex.   $487,445.00

Illinois Trade Assn.          360,951.00

TBC                                  321,666.00

Green Apple                     313,755.00

Trade Exch. Of America    214,903.00

NCE - St. Louis                156,713.00

VIP Barter                        146,578.00

American Trade                133,373.00

Southern Barter              122,336.00

Midwest Barter                117,186.00


Banc member North Louisiana Trade Exchange has some offerings (builder´┐Żs residential lots, medical supplies, mini-chopper motorcycle, etc.) listed in The Barter MarketPlace, go to: http://www.barternews.com/marketplace/north_louisiana_trade_xchange.htm.