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Moving Billboards...Advertising On The Go!

Transit advertising—placement of print ads on buses and other vehicles and in bus shelters and train stations—is an important medium for reaching an audience of all ages, backgrounds and incomes.

Advertisers at one time tended to shy away from internal transit advertising because of the perception of who the bus rider was. Today, concern for the environment and the popularity of programs such as Park-and-Ride have caused a wide range of business professionals, teachers, college students, and many others to leave their vehicles in mall parking lots and ride the bus to and from their jobs.

The large, colorful, innovative cards demand attention, reaching drivers and passengers (who spend an average of 30-40 minutes on the bus) no matter what radio stations they’re listening to.

Transit advertising makes sense because passengers can’t zap it, ignore it, or turn it off. Plus, it delivers to a varied audience and it offers flexibility of ad size and location.

Types of transit advertising:

King and queen signs are located on the sides of transit vehicles. They are the largest of the signs and are attached to the bus with aluminum frames.

Tail signs are located on the rear of transit vehicles. If you’ve ever been stuck behind a bus at a traffic light or in a traffic jam, you know what the back of that bus says by the time you start moving again.

Interior cards are smaller and are seen only by the riders. They line the tops of the bus windows and include a sign located on the divider behind the bus driver.

Wraps. In some cities wrapping an entire bus with the theme of a company, a product, or a museum is all the rage. These giant moving advertisement are impossible to miss...but wraps are expensive propositions and usually require a minimum one-year contract.

Outdoor billboards and transit signs are very effective when used together, whether it is a full outdoor billboard or repeating your own store sign. The combination keeps some of your signs anchored and some mobile, which gives great coverage.

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