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Measuring & Evaluating In-Store Marketing

In March, we looked at Arbitron and Clear Channel Communication�s efforts to more effectively measure the $20 billion-a-year radio audience.

This week we look at measuring the value of in-store media and other point-of-purchasing advertising�a $19.3 billion market, according to trade organization Point of Purchase Advertising International.

Madison Avenue is putting more resources into measuring the effectiveness of in-store marketing options with the intent of providing more sophisticated evaluation (of consumers attention) for their clients. For example, newly formed MEC Retail will specialize in tracking in-store marketing�s impact.

MEC�s services encompass helping advertisers decide which stores are most suitable for promotions, and compiling data on both the demographics of shoppers and foot traffic at individual outlets.

As the effectiveness of measuring and evaluating in-store marketing efforts grow, expect to see retailers competing aggressively with mainstream media for ad dollars.

CBS Moving Into Supermarkets

Network TV will be seen in 1,300 supermarkets nationally as CBS has signed an exclusive deal with SignStorey (an in-store services firm) to run customized entertainment-features on supermarket TV sets. CBS will provide original-content segments from CBS Entertainment, CBS News, CBS Sports, and sisters CBS Paramount Television and King World.

Programming will begin June 1 on SignStorey�s 42� digital screens in perimeter departments (such as produce and deli) at Albertsons, Jewel Stores, Shaws, Star Markets, Acme, Price Chopper, and Pathmark.

CBS also provides content to American Airlines and Royal Caribbean Cruise lines for their on-board TV channels.