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Mardak Suggests Consumer Electronics Pro�s Consider Trade Leverage

Don Mardak, founder and CEO of New Berlin, Wisconsin-based International Monetary Systems (NYSE:INLM.OB), describes his company�s focus in terms of marketing. �We think of ourselves as an affinity marketing system,� he confirmed, �targeting specific populations that would be likely to do business.�

International Monetary Systems (IMS) is a barter exchange network that makes its money three ways: 1) by assessing a membership fee, 2) by assessing a small monthly fee, and 3) by earning up to 6% of the value of a trade for facilitating it.

�When you think of bartering, you probably think of an even exchange,� Mardak reasoned. Someone says, �I have apples and you have oranges...let�s swap.� Our exchange allows you to trade your excess capital to the exchange for trade dollars.�

This, he says, spares business owners from having to hunt down the guy that has the oranges. �Often, two parties don�t have a common need to trade at the same time,� he added.

Swapping In Your A/V Leftovers

In a brief essay, entitled �Using Barter to Boost Audio/Video Sales,� Mardak makes the point that excess inventory can slow A/V retailers. For example, in an industry that thrives on new technology, having last year�s model taking up space on the shelf can make retailers hesitant to upgrade all of their showroom options.

Mardak explained that by trading the unsold merchandise into IMS, �all the excess capital can be converted into liquid capital that will produce buying power.� Can�t that be done on eBay or �If you have something you have to sell, you can go to eBay and try to sell it,� he admitted. �But what about selling services?�

With IMS, integrators could provide systems installation to a chain of restaurants in exchange for, say, advertising dollars or display units purchased with trade dollars.

�We believe we�re working very hard to brand IMS in much the same way eBay or has branded themselves,� Mardak stated.

�Right now, we�ve grown to a base of 16,000 exchange members in 44 markets coast-to-coast.�

The IMS exchange is, indeed, growing. Last year they did $72 million in trade volume and revenue was $8.7 million. This year they expect to reach $108 million to $110 million in trade volume (which is computed on one side of each transaction).

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