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Lack Of Sales Biggest Problem For Small Business Owners

A survey by the trade group National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), found that 51% of small-business owners reported a lack of sales as their greatest challenge. Only 8% cited a lack of loans.

In addition, the NFIB found that the drop in home prices has made it harder for many small-business owners to qualify for loans because they can no longer pledge their homes as collateral.

The fundamental nature of the problems � lack of sales, lack of assets � underscores the difficulty in jump-starting small-business growth while the broader economy continues to struggle.

William J. Dennis Jr., the NFIB senior research fellow who headed the survey, said recent administration proposals, including $30 billion in new federal aid for community banks, were not likely to help. But he also said the NFIB was at a rare loss for ideas on what the government should do instead.

�We're really in a quandary right now,� Dennis said.

Editor�s note: It�s time for entrepreneurs to take immediate action locally to gain more customers. Advisedly they should be contacting a local trade exchange to learn how they can quickly generate additional business and greater sales.

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