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Kudos To Wal-Mart � World�s Largest Environmentalist!

Good things are happening all around the world, we just don�t always notice them. In 2005 Wal-Mart made the decision to go green, and today the world�s $400 billion-a-year gorilla has made a huge difference to the environment.

Within a year of its 2005 announcement, the company�s 2 million associates at 8,400 stores used nearly 5 billion fewer plastic bags, and delivered 77 million more cases while driving 100 million fewer miles. Additionally, they�re now the largest buyer of organic cotton and milk in the world. (Economists estimate that $1 of every $3 worldwide is associated with a company that does business with Wal-Mart.)

It all started by working on a sustainability index, which involved sending a 15-part questionnaire to all vendors asking how they planned to help Wal-Mart meet its environmental goals. Now farmers and manufacturers, plus everyone in between, are rushing to change the way they do business. Harvard Business Review calls sustainability the next mega-trend ... a sweeping and permanent change in the way we all do business.

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