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ITEX Holds Successful Regional  Conference

Franchisees, trade directors, staff, and representatives from the ITEX corporate management team converged in Omaha (NE) for three days, from September 14th through the 16th, at the first of their two annual regional conferences.

The annual event drew a strong turnout to network, strategize and learn from professional speakers so as to enhance and grow the franchise network. Sponsored by the ITEX Broker Association Board of Directors, the theme this year is ´┐ŻBuilding On Net Growth.

Speakers including CEO Steven White, VP of Marketplace Brian Argetsinger, and Director of National Sales Doug Dagenais provided information about the status of various incentives, plans, and programs. The three-day event was hosted by Omaha franchisee Ms. Terri Smieja in a professional setting at the La Quinta Inn & Suites Carter Lake.

The regional conference will be duplicated in San Jose (CA) beginning October 18 for the west coast ITEX offices.

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