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ITEX Corporation Announces Social Media Presence

The ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX) has announced its presence on five of the leading social media web sites, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

�We are very excited to leverage the power of social media to create and enhance relationships with and for our members. ITEX has taken a lead position in creating a world class social media presence, designed to both engage our current members as well as to attract new ones to our Trading Community,� stated Steven White, CEO. �(Interested parties can) stay current on our activity, events and updates, by following us on any of our new sites. We are easy to search for; just type in (the word) ITEX at each social site or visit our homepage at for direct links. We will be rolling out exciting content that no one will want to miss!�


This is the internet�s largest channel for reaching small business owners aligned with specific interests that are expressed through their Likes and Friends. The ITEX Facebook page is �member centric� in that posted content is intended to enlighten readers why being a member of ITEX is such an amazing opportunity as well as to share member experiences.


Because it is a great way to send out snippets of information, promotions or unique tidbits, Twitter helps to engage ITEX members. The company is dedicated to making its Tweets useful, on a regular basis, and fun!


This is a great channel for distributing video content that expresses the value of ITEX, including its brokers and its members. YouTube is particularly suited for in-depth tutorials and case studies on business successes via the ITEX Trading Community.


Google+ is presently regarded as the �new� Facebook. The ITEX Corporation is excited about the potential of this powerful platform.


LinkedIn provides business professionals a space to promote themselves and maintain their career network. ITEX�s LinkedIn page currently has 445 followers and growing! Moving forward, content will derive from Trading Community news and events.

For more information on ITEX click here.

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