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IRTA Board Member Selected For IRS Advisory Group

The International Reciprocal Trade Association is proud to announce that board member and secretary, Ron Whitney of Barter Network Inc. in Chadds Ford (PA), was recently appointed to serve on the Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee. IRPAC is a group appointed by the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that advises the IRS on information reporting issues of mutual concern to the private sector and the federal government. 

Whitney has been a long time advocate of addressing the applicability of IRS�s current back-up withholding requirements for missing or incorrect SSNs/TINS and B-Notice letters that are placed on the commercial barter industry.

He achieved a personal business triumph when he received an abatement letter in March of 2005 from a tax specialist with the IRS which agreed with his assertion that it is impossible for a barter exchange to comply with Publication 1281 backup withholding requirements.

Whitney was named the liaison for IRTA�s involvement in the IRS Partnership Outreach Program in 2006. In January that year he attended the IRS Stakeholders Reception in Washington (DC), presenting a position paper on the back-up withholding/B-Notice issue and its negative effect on the barter industry.

The position paper asserted that trade exchanges should be excluded from having to send Publication 1281 B-Notice back-up withholding letters to barter clients as a matter of fact and law. The Stakeholder Reception allowed Ron to meet and talk with IRS Commissioner Mark Everson, Small Business Commissioner Kevin Brown, Chief �E� Officer Phyllis Grimes, and key members of IRPAC.

In April of 2006, IRTA received an invitation to nominate an individual to serve on the 2007 IRPAC, and chose to nominate Ron Whitney. Krista Vardabash, IRTA Executive Director enthused, �I was pleased that Ron agreed to go through the rigorous selection process that the IRS demands of IRPAC candidates.

�IRTA is fortunate to have such a committed member, and certainly the industry stands to benefit from having a knowledgeable exchange owner working side-by-side with the IRS and other professionals from various sectors.�

About his appointment as member of IRPAC, Whitney reflected �I�m honored to be selected to serve on IRPAC. I hope I can make a difference for small businesses in general, and the barter industry in specific.�

About IRPAC:

The Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee is composed of twenty-three members who represent various segments of the IRP community, from major national professional and trade associations to state tax agencies.

The Committee, divided into four subcommittees that align with the IRS Operating Divisions, works with IRS executives and the commissioner to provide recommendations on a wide range of information-reporting administration issues.

Membership is balanced to include representation from the taxpaying public, the tax professional community, and small and large businesses, state tax administration, and the payroll community.

Contact Krista Vardabash at (585) 424-2940 for more information.

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