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IMS Unveils Proprietary Barter Commerce Management Software

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB: INLM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, reported the roll-out of its proprietary barter commerce management software, Trade Network Tracking System (TNT), will begin in June.

The TNT System lies at the heart of IMS�s day-to-day operations; handling the processing of real-time trade dollar transactions, managing client information and transaction histories, internal reporting, business intelligence, and customer relationship management.

This new platform enables IMS to rapidly implement new features, improve usability, take advantage of database, internet, and e-mail connectivity, and facilitate tighter integration with the firm�s web site. It also benefits from the core functionality and established best practices of the company�s previous system, TradeWorks, for which IMS purchased the source code in 2007.

Nathan Alpert, IMS chief software architect, stressed, �The impact of this progression cannot be (over)stated. The TNT System will completely revolutionize the core of IMS� operations. It will drastically improve efficiency and reduce overhead by streamlining or completely automating time-consuming tasks. Our brokers will be able to manage significantly more accounts, efficiently connect buyers with sellers, and capitalize on new trade opportunities found by the trade analysis and data mining capabilities of the software.

�TNT also opens the door to barter transactions eventually being processed in real-time through P.O.S. swipe-card technology, consistent with our mission to make barter easy to use and bring its advantage to many more businesses. We want to make barter transactions as easy as using your Visa card, combined with the marketing intelligence of Google.�

Don Mardak, IMS CEO, added, �The TNT System will not only provide our members and our team with all the advantages of today�s technology, it also positions IMS to capitalize on the constantly evolving technology of tomorrow. This evolution is indicative of IMS� role within the barter industry to lead in the sound management of a secondary economy based on the products and services of our member businesses.

�Our strong investment in this proprietary technology and in-house technical staff puts us in a truly unique position, allowing us to build the most advanced and customized barter platform in the industry, without our operations being molded by the limitations of the off-the-shelf software that many of our competitors use.�

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