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IMS Provides Needed Credit Lines To Business Community

International Monetary Systems Ltd. (OTCBB:ITNM) reports that it continues to make credit available to IMS member businesses, providing them with an assurance that if they are not able to get credit at the bank, they have an alternative payment system which still offers them lines of credit.

�The fundamentals of barter state that in a slow economy, business owners look to alternative means to stabilize cash flow and to keep new business coming in,� explains Don Mardak, CEO of IMS. �However, we have been somewhat surprised by the strong increase in requests for credit that we have seen recently.�

Currently, IMS Barter has issued credit lines totaling more than $48 million. The top members in the IMS network have seen their lines increased by more than $2 million.

 �If we as a country have learned anything from this current economic crisis,� Mardak reflected, �it is that any currency system must be operated prudently and responsibly, especially when issuing credit. IMS has a 24-year history of managing a healthy barter network. The opportunity to issue credit where credit is due is what we�re all about.

�We base our credit on the products and services that the member businesses have to offer,� he continued, �not on their cash accounts, such as receivables or future sales or how they look on paper. So, while the bank might not be able to issue credit our alternative currency system enables us to go about it differently, offering an alternative form of business financing.�

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