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IMS Launches Medical Benefits Program For Small Businesses

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:ITNM) has announced the launching of a new medical benefits program for its nationwide clients. The program, IMS Benefit Solutions, will make it possible for International Monetary Systems� members to utilize their earned trade dollars to provide an expanded healthcare benefits package to their employees.

Don Mardak, CEO of International Monetary Systems, commented, �We believe that, because of the size of the IMS trade network, our new healthcare program is the largest of its kind in the barter industry. As part of the program, IMS business members will offer their employees trade dollars as reimbursement for medical costs that are not covered by their health insurance plans.

�Because of the high healthcare costs that most companies and their employees are now facing, IMS Benefit Solutions will not only enhance the clients� businesses, but will also generate significant new trade-dollar volume for International Monetary Systems. As a result of this program, we expect to recruit many more medical professionals across North America to join the IMS barter network.�

International Monetary Systems has had a medical reimbursement policy, that utilizes trade dollars, in place for its employees for many years now. The idea to expand the program to its members emanated from one of the company�s senior trade brokers, Rebecca Lucas, from the Rohnert Park, California, office.

Under the new plan, exchange members and their employees will carry a special IMS Benefit Solutions prepaid barter card, which they will present to their medical providers.

Employers interested in learning more about this program should contact Wisconsin-based International Monetary Systems at (800) 559-8515.

For more information on IMS click here.

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