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IMS Barter Unveils New Trading Platform

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, announced the launch of several newly developed online modules that provide unprecedented information and access to its North American barter network.

The modules, launched under the domain, include a new online barter e-commerce platform for members to buy and sell goods with IMS trade dollars, a �Try It� feature that enables non-members to view member information before joining, and a �Watch How It Works� instructional four-part web video.

In discussing the additions, CEO Don Mardak disclosed, �Our new online barter marketplace enables B2B barter e-commerce like never before. Quite simply, it is the largest online marketplace for goods that are available for 100% IMS trade dollars.

�Member businesses can post their goods for sale just as they might on other popular e-commerce sites such as e-Bay and They can also search and purchase goods from the network using their IMS trade dollars � all online, all barter, all B2B. We are confident that the new marketplace will create another invaluable link to promote how IMS saves cash and attracts new customers for our 18,000 business members.�

Simultaneous with the launch of the new marketplace is a revolutionary feature that enables non-members to view member information. Krista Vardabash, IMS� Director of Marketing, reflected, �The barter industry has typically been very guarded with the sharing of member information; yet it is that very information that measures the value of the barter network. With our �Try It� feature, people interested in joining IMS can get an idea of the member businesses with which they can trade in their immediate area, or across the continent.�

Additionally, a four-part web video that explains how IMS helps businesses save cash, attract customers and increase sales, will now be accessible online. �The direct barter concept is easy for businesses to understand, while modern-day barter through IMS is much more dynamic and offers several layers of benefits,� said John Strabley, IMS� Executive Vice President. �The �Watch How It Works� video series is another tool that explains the value of the IMS barter network in a clear, concise way.�

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