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IMS Appoints Former IRTA Executive Director

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM) announced the appointment of former IRTA Executive Director, Krista Vardabash, as Director of Marketing and Public Relations. Ms. Vardabash served as Executive Director of the International Reciprocal Trade Association�the only international trade association for the commercial barter industry�for seven years.

Prior to her service at IRTA, she maintained a successful business planning firm in the northeast. Ms. Vardabash was recently recognized for many accomplishments at IRTA, including strengthening the Universal Currency network, establishing the IRTA brand worldwide, and leadership and commitment through a challenging period of change.

�I look forward to being a part of a team that has already made significant strides towards uniting and standardizing the trade exchange industry�which was always a focus during my tenure with IRTA,� declared Vardabash. �This is a great opportunity to have a more direct impact on that goal and to elevate the industry overall.� (Krista Vardabash can be reached at (585) 244-0600, ext. 53.)

IMS CEO, Don Mardak, added, �We are very pleased to have Krista bring her many talents to our executive team. She is one of the most respected people in the barter industry, and has already helped us create a comprehensive five-year business plan that outlines the IMS vision and critical areas of success. Going forward, she will also be active in the marketing and branding of IMS, as we continue to expand upon our position in the industry.�

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