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IMS Embraces Web 2.0 Marketing Techniques

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:ITNM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, introduces the first barter broker blog for the industry after concluding a three-month social media pilot.

�There was a demand from prospective members to look at actual trades that are happening in order to understand how IMS barter can work for them, pointed out Don Mardak, CEO of IMS. �We launched the barter broker blog in March with the intent of providing non-members a live glimpse at how our national broker network, one of our most valuable assets, works to help businesses buy and sell products and services.�

The IMS barter broker blog can be found at Posts are made weekly and include authentic accounts from IMS brokers of actual buying and/or selling scenarios that they have facilitated for members across their nationwide member network.

The company recently completed a pilot that examined the effective use of online social networking sites. The review found that although social networking for B2B (business-to-business) purposes is still maturing, there is evidence that it will evolve positively. The company also discovered that there is considerable interest about how modern barter works, concluding that IMS will remain as one of the few current barter industry participants in that arena.

Krista Vardabash, Director of Marketing for IMS, asserted, �Our newest campaign, �Barter 2.0,� positions IMS and our CEO as not only the pioneer of the industry, but as the leader in this new generation of B2B barter. So, it only makes sense that IMS would utilize web 2.0 supported technology like the social networks.�

�Although utilizing social media is new to us,� commented John Strabley, Executive Vice President of IMS, �the pilot revealed the benefits of participating. IMS has enjoyed local and national TV coverage including being a featured guest on Bloomberg TV's �Venture.�

�Our web site has much of the coverage we�ve received, and we will be capturing and posting video from our upcoming holiday expos that span the nationwide network. We plan to expand our social media strategy with this information, as well as with new ideas and feedback from the social media channels.�

For more information on IMS click here.  

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