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Improving Your Trade Exchange�s
Bottom Line

This article describes a few of the revenue producing areas of your IRTA and Universal Currency membership. You will find that membership actually pays in the form of increased bottom line cash profits.

Client & Member Sales Via IRTA�s Web Site

Your IRTA membership listing at provides worldwide referrals of potential clients directly to your company. Businesses globally are clicking on and reviewing the newly redesigned IRTA web site. Many of them will access the IRTA membership list in order to locate a listed barter company near their local area.

Each member is allotted a full-page of space on the IRTA site to describe their services and make a first impression on a potential client. To look at your space go to click on the Membership List and then on your company name. Virtually any approved copy can be placed on your page including images, links, etc. (For full details see contact info at end of article.)

By gaining two or three clients from the IRTA web site during the year; you could well cover cost of your IRTA membership dues.

IRTA Logo Usage

After 31 years of industry service the IRTA logo has become the Modern Trade and Barter Industry seal of approval. Only current member companies that meet rigid IRTA standards and ethics are authorized and allowed to display this logo.

Usage of the IRTA logo on your web site provides a foundation of trust and marketplace recognition for your company, leading to additional client confidence and additional membership sales.

Universal Currency Supports Client & Membership Sales

IRTA owns and operates the Universal Currency program for its members. Founded in 1997, UC is the global leader and largest inter-barter exchange credit-clearing platform.

There are currently 1,250 listings on UC, including top notch barter travel accommodations. Participation in UC provides your clients access to goods and services around the world, positioning your company as an integral part of the global modern trade and barter community.

Increasing Membership Sales

Open your laptop up to the UC web site on your sales calls, and show your prospects the vast purchasing opportunities that are available outside their immediate market. Explain how your connection with UC provides a path for them to trade with over 150,000 businesses worldwide.

Increasing Trade Volume

Consider allowing your high-value members to log onto and shop globally for new and exciting purchases only available through Universal Currency. When UC helps your high-value clients use their accounts for barter services, your exchange will experience increased trade velocity and cash revenue that goes directly to your company�s bottom-line profits.

For further information on IRTA and UC go to, or call Ron Whitney, IRTA Executive Director, at (757) 393-2292.

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