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Former Russian Multi-Millionaire Promotes Commodity Bartering

German Sterligor, 41, is promoting an electronic barter idea for commodities, that he claims could save Russia�s foundering financial system.

Sterligor made his first million at age 24 but exited from the high life when he challenged then-President Putin in his 2004 re-election bid. At the time he was a tycoon with hundreds-of-millions of dollars in the bank, dozens of businesses, offices on Wall Street and in London, and a villa in Rublyovka, a Moscow suburb for the super-rich.

Now, living on a farm outside of Moscow, he along with a former business associate have set-up an �anti-crisis commodity transactions center for commodity bartering.� It�s an electronic substitute for money that�s not linked with the dollar, euro or ruble.

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