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Financial Guru Exclaims, �It�s A Low-Return World Now!�

Bill Gross, the California-based Pimco bond-fund manager, says the days of double-digit stock and bond returns are over. He contends the world has changed: �It�s a low-return world now. And the future will not resemble the past.� 

The reasons for the change, according to Gross, will be due to China and India�s rise as low-cost providers of inexpensive goods and services, near-record indebtedness of companies and individuals, and demographic changes (especially in USA and Western Europe), because it�s difficult to pump up consumption in an aging society.

The interesting thing about reading the prognostications of financial experts is they believe that most everyone will be in agreement with them.

Fortunately for the U.S. economy, 98% of the country�s 30 million enterprises are entrepreneurially driven companies whose leaders are not listening to Gross. They�re too busy working at building their operations. So although it may be a low-return world for the largest bond fund, Gross� comments appear irrelevant for the majority of hard-working entrepreneurs. They are people, such as ourselves, who focus on cash business and use barter as a supplement whenever possible.

In the words of the late, famous entrepreneur Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart), who, when asked how he felt about an impending recession, smiled and replied, �We don�t plan to participate in it!�

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