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Financial Expert Reveals Your Safest Investment

Andrew Tobias, author of the perennial best-seller The Only Investment Guide You�ll Ever Need, unequivocally says the best and safest �investment� in the world is to pay off your high-interest credit card balances. He explains that not having to pay 20% interest on a credit card is as good as earning 20% tax-free, risk-free � it�s phenomenal!

Yet according to Bernice Kanner, a columnist for financial media giant Bloomberg LP and author of Are You Normal About Money, contends that  only 49% of Americans pay their credit-card bills in full to avoid the high interest charged. While American Express reports an incredible 43% of small-business owners use their high interest, credit cards� revolving credit to help sustain their operations.

Plus the card issuers are putting the squeeze on customers by boosting late fees, which have climbed 146% since 1994, to $35. So take action by making plans now. Put extra effort into your barter endeavors, to free up additional cash. Then you can make the best, safest �investment� in the world � systematically paying off your high interest credit cards.

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