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Enversa, Aware Of Growing Auction Model, Introduces New Media Negotiating Tool

Enversa, located in New York City, has introduced a web-based media tool that shortens the negotiation process from weeks to minutes. The company has two patents and 163 patent claims pending.

Enversa works with agencies and advertisers to optimize their media buys and contribute incremental value to their brands by exceeding expected media inventory goals. Enversa�s methodology leverages a fixed budget and provides similar benefits and results for all forms of media, including online, print, national and local television and radio.

The company has announced a partnership with Tierney Communications, the largest full-service communications agency in the Mid-Atlantic area. Tierney Communications is a member of the Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG).

To view a demonstration of Enversa�s media-buying process visit