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China, South Vietnam Building Trans-Border Area For Barter & Global Economy Cooperation

China and Vietnam have been working jointly to set up a 8.5-sq-km trans-border economic cooperative area in the city of Pingyang, in South China�s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and Liangshang province of Vietnam respectively.

This trans-border area, comprising the main trade and logistics cooperation area and a machining coop area, follows the managerial mode of linking two nations with one area, inside the border but beyond customs and a free trade with confined operation. It will benefit from the open policy of barter trade, service trade and free investment.

The original cargo and goods made in China and Vietnam could get into this area freely, except for materials or goods as banned or prohibited by the relevant laws of either country. Products made in this area can enjoy half the taxation or half the tache tax whenever they get into markets of either country.