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It's Happened Only Once in 140 Years—Some 400,000 Major League Games!

The Rarest one game pitching performance of all-time!

Bob Meyer Played Major Role In Historic Major League Baseball Game

Since 1871 there have been 200,000 major league baseball games played. During that time, some 271 No-hitters have been pitched…23 perfect games recorded…and 16 games in which a hitter has hit 4 home-runs in a  game…all incredible accomplishments.

Yet the rarest occurrence seen on a major league baseball field is none of the above feats. Even rarer is a game where both starting pitchers pitched a one-hitter in the same game. How rare is it to see a game where both pitchers throw a 1-hitter? Consider this: It's only happened 5 times in 145 years!**

Moreover, only one game EVER has seen the double 1-hitter pitched wherein both pitchers were major league rookies.

So, the chances of seeing a rare no-hitter pitched in the big leagues is much greater than are the odds of seeing two rookie pitchers toeing the rubber and each pitching a complete game one-hitter.

It happened nearly 50 years ago on September 12, 1964.* The rookie pitchers, both left-handers, were Frank Bertaina of the Baltimore Orioles and Bob Meyer of the Kansas City Athletics (the team has since moved to Oakland A's).

The game was decided when John Orsino, Oriole catcher, led off the eighth against Meyer and hit a double to left center, pinch-runner Bob Savarine took third on Bertaina's bunt and scored on Jackie Brandt's sacrifice fly to right.

Up until that break-through, a fifth-inning leadoff double off the left-field wall by catcher Doc Edwards represented the lone hit on either side during the titanic struggle. (The win boosted the Birds first place hold to 1 1/2 games over the White Sox and 2 games over the Yankees.)

Major League Record Set

The Orioles established a major league record for the fewest official times at bat (19) by one club in an official 9 inning game. Their total eclipsed by one the major league record set by the Detroit Tigers in a game against the St. Louis Browns on April 27, 1915.

**Double One-hitters pitcher in all of major league baseball history: (Every game was 1-0 score)

August 20, 1886: Matt Kilroy over Joe Miller.
July 4, 1906: Mordical Brown over Lefty Leifield.
April 23, 1952: Bob Cain over Bob Feller.
June 21, 1956: Jack Harshman over Connie Johnson.
September 12, 1964: Frank Bertaina over Bob Meyer. (Both major league rookies.)

*Interestingly, five days earlier, on September 7, 1964, Bob Meyer went 9 innings to beat the first place Orioles in Kansas City, besting four-time 20-game winner Dave McNally, 6-1.

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