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Jerry Howell, founder and president of the Midwest Business Exchange in Kalamazoo ( MI), has just completed another non-profit project which illustrates how an exchange (and barter) can positively assist people and a community.

 Bartering With Non-Profit Agencies Provides Benefits To Many

By Jerry Howell

A deserving eighteen year-old homeless male, named Brandon, was attempting to find a way to go to the local community college. Our exchange (MBE) found 12 members that each pledged one month of rent in trade dollars to a member local relief agency. On behalf of Brandon, the agency paid the trade-dollar rent to an apartment complex, which was another MBE member.

Here�s what was accomplished through barter:

The donors enjoyed being good Samaritans as well as the resulting tax deductions, while the relief agency furthered its mission. The apartment complex rented a unit that otherwise would have been empty; it may now use those trade dollars for anything from snow plowing to printing. Moreover MBE did over $15,000.00 of barter business, and enjoyed favorable coverage in the local newspaper.

There is nothing magical about trading with non-profits ... it�s just a matter of putting ideas and people together.

For more information on MBE click here.

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