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New York Times Article About Barter

James Flanigan, the former superb business-editor of the Los Angeles Times (who retired three years ago), now writes a monthly column on entrepreneurship titled �Entrepreneurial Edge� for The New York Times which looks at small business trends in California and the West.

Recently he authored, �Bartering Expands In The Internet Age.� (Click here.)

BusinessWeek Barter Video

�Swapping Services�The Growing Popularity of Bartering,� is a video focusing on direct trades and how Craigslist is growing in barter listings. No mention of the trade exchanges, however. (Click here.)

ABC News Reports On Barter

With the economy in turmoil bartering has made a comeback, according to this ABC News report. The video covers a Mississippi dentist who opened his doors, accepting goods and services in lieu of cash. (Click here.)

Other Coverage...

�Sinking Economy Is Causing Boomlet In Barter� declares this newspaper headline. The article describes how an owner was able to cover a $4,000 vet bill on barter. (Click here.)

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