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Are You Utilizing Trade-Purchase Requests?

When you are seeking to do business with a vendor who is not presently a member of your trade exchange, but one you�d like to barter with, you can use this strategy. Begin by checking with your trade exchange, to see if they have a �Trade Purchase Request Form.�

If so, use that form to write down the exact specifications for the desired purchase, just as if it were a normal cash order. You might consider a 12-month purchase to make your order more enticing. Once the request form is completed and returned, your trade exchange can then make the sales call on this preferred vendor with the intent of signing them up. Having your purchase order in hand will be most effective in obtaining this company as a new member to the exchange.

(If your trade exchange doesn�t have a trade request form, you can use your company�s order form and denote at the bottom, �This order will be paid with trade dollars.�)

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