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January 10, 2006

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Howard Stern?s Huge Stock Gain Reinforces Incredible Leverage Possibilities Of Barter

The ubiquitousness of radio?s ?shock jock? Howard Stern the past week has been remarkable, even in this day of hype and media oversaturation.

In October 2004 Stern made the decision to leave terrestrial radio?s Infinity Broadcasting for Sirius Satellite Radio, when he signed a 5-year contract with them i.

Understandably, the story focused on the mind-boggling $500 million agreement, with little notice regarding the possibilities from being partly paid ?in-kind? through the issuance of 34.4 million shares of stock. The 2.5% stake in the company made him one of the largest individual shareholders.

Although the stock had a market value of $110 million at the time of the agreement, critics questioned taking any payment other than cash from a struggling company that was losing money and in a street-fight with competitor XM Radio for subscribers.

However, Stern realized the incredible leveraging potential of bartering. His choice to do so not only validates a belief in himself but his wisdom to have an ownership position a company he will help build. Such actions also reinforce the value of barter as a unique business technique.

Incredibly, within 16 months from the agreement date the value of Stern?s stock holdings increased from $110 million to $219.8 million. The doubling is due in no small part to the story?s immense exposure, Howard Stern?s fame, and the personal selling efforts of Stern himself. But let?s not overlook the huge additional payoff that occurred because he chose to barter for partial payment by accepting stock, rather than going for an all-cash deal.

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TeleTrade International?s Online Processing Totals Reach New Highs

CEO Gary Lasater reported that TeleTrade?s online platforms serving independent trade exchanges, the BANC and international affiliates, processed $96,816,388. The majority of activity, $60.7 million, came from the eValues network for independent exchanges, which has grown 1,000% from its $6 million volume in 2001.

According to Lasater, their primary trading arena is North America. ?By selecting exchange operators with high principles we have experienced an exceptional growth rate.?

Teletrade International (TTi) and its wholly owned subsidiary eValues are privately owned Colorado corporations. The base technology, created in 1981, makes TTi the world?s oldest barter-technology development company.

Lasater pointed out that since TTi technologies went online in 1999 they?ve accounted for $248,270,738 in trade activity worldwide, with the independent exchanges within eValues having nearly half the activity. For more information contact or call (303) 840-7172, ext.1.

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White Aims To Make ITEX The Cashless Marketplace ?Google?

Steven White, CEO and Chairman of ITEX (OTCBB:ITEX), has an ambitious goal?to lead his company forward to the point that whenever a company considers doing a non-cash transaction they?ll think ?ITEX.?

White elaborated, ?When you need a search engine you think of Google, when you think of coffee it?s Starbucks, and for online shopping you go to Our desire is to make the business world think of ITEX every time a cashless transaction is considered.?

Six Offices Generate $1 Million Monthly

ITEX reported that six offices, within the network of 95 franchisees and licensees, generated more than $1 million in transaction volume (sales & purchases) in a single month?s period. Leading the way with $2.3 million was the New York office.

In November and December the company?s transaction volume was $47,663,000, a 63% increase compared to $29,215,000 for the same period in 2004. Cash deposits were $2,541,000, a 58% increase compared to $1,606,000. Completed transactions were up 85%, hitting 67,973 compared to 36,822. Member businesses within the ITEX network were up 64%, with 22,000 members compared to 13,400.

Every barter company in the world is listed on our web site, click through to our Global List of Barter Companies.

2005 Global Merger & Acquisition Volume Climbed 38% To $2.9 Trillion

There was incredible growth globally in the M&A arena last year, with record-setting volume of $474.3 billion coming from the Asian-Pacific region, up 46% from $324.5 billion in 2004.

In the U.S., M&A volume rose 30% from $886.2 billion in 2004. In Europe the figure was 49% higher than the $729.5 billion in 2004. While activity in Eastern Europe nearly doubled to a record $117.4 billion.

In merger and acquisition activity, exchanging company stock is a frequent occurrence.

?Home builders are now in the business of selling shares, not houses.?

?Peter Schiff, President of Euro Pacific Capital, Darien (CT)

The Commerce Department reported that new-home construction rose 5.3% in November from the previous month, the largest monthly increase in housing starts since April and far above the level economists and analysts were expecting.

Meanwhile, the number of unsold new homes under construction is at an all-time high. Which led Peter Schiff to make the headline statement above. According to Schiff, home builders must keep building houses to maintain a market for their shares. It?s the only logical way to explain building new houses amid a growing glut of unsold inventory., a unit of Moody?s Corp. which reports on housing affordability, reports that affordability dropped by more than 20% in nearly two-dozen markets. Mark Zandi, chief economist of, noted, ?You have to go back 25 years to find a decline that is as significant on a percentage basis.?

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  • According to an article in the November 28 issue of the Boston Globe, the U.S. will continue to lead the world in the truly innovative, game-changing industries. For example, nanotechnology which is already a multi-billion industry is projected to be a $2.6 trillion industry by 2014...and the USA leads the world by a country mile.

  • has unveiled its plan to partner with college newspapers and offer its free classified ad portal, that will allow local advertisers the ability to buy local, non-intrusive ad space on The web site provides a forum for college students to buy, sell, and barter books and other items with students on their campus, and allows advertisers to reach one of the most sought-after demographics.

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  • Hundreds of rural families Durban, Africa, are growing indigenous trees from the seeds found in local forests and using the saplings as ?currency.? The Indigenous Trees for Life project is spearheaded by the Wildlands Conservation Trust, a non-governmental organization. The Trees for Life project, which aims to help people out of poverty, provides food, clothing, and building materials in exchange for the saplings.

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