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Active International Named Agency Of Record For Silverjet

Active International announced it has been selected as agency of record for Silverjet, Britain's first exclusively business-class airline. Internationally recognized as a new class of premium air travel at an incomparable value, Silverjet is focused on becoming the global market leader in the all-business-class category.

Active brings global media buying power to Silverjet, focusing on share growth for the carrier by leveraging Active's client base in the U.S. and Europe. �We're able to create customized solutions that are defined solely by our clients needs,� elaborated COO Eric Larsen. �The Silverjet assignment highlights the scope and strength of our marketing capabilities, media services and strategic investments.�

�As we add destinations worldwide, we're looking for new ways to get the word out and put passengers in seats,� stated Silverjet�s CEO Lawrence Hunt. �This means changing the way we reach our target audience.

�Active's unique combination of strategic development, innovative team, media capabilities and travel expertise encompassed all the qualities we were looking for in a partner. We expect to expand our relationship with Active as our business grows. They�re our partner of choice.� 

�Whether providing marketing insights about travel, developing a strategic plan, or opening new paths through consumer insights, we are here to support Silverjet,� confirmed Jim Porcarelli, executive vice president of Active International. �Reciprocally, the relationship with Silverjet allows us to expand the breadth of services to our current clients, including greater options for both business and leisure travel.�

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