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IMS Online Barter Marketplace Product Postings Reach Record Levels

In step with the growing popularity of online barter sites for individuals such as Craigslist, International Monetary Systems (OTCBB: INLM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, recently announced that their online barter marketplace has reached a record high of $10 million in product postings.

This is in addition to the more than $150 million dollars of products and services available in the entire IMS nationwide network. IMS launched the first nationwide online barter marketplace for members earlier this year. Members are able to shop and purchase products with their IMS trade dollars all online.

Dale Mardak, IMS� senior vice president, reflected, �We anticipated that the new marketplace would be welcome since a few of our markets maintained showrooms that offered limited online capabilities. We didn�t realize that such an enormous amount of product would be posted in such a short time. Since September, postings of available products have soared to $10 million and the number of members visiting the marketplace has doubled.�

CEO Don Mardak affirmed, �I believe the popularity of our new barter marketplace is fueled in part by the current economic crisis. Members are doing everything they can to keep their businesses viable. They are finding that the online marketplace opens incredible possibilities to increase selling channels while earning valuable IMS trade dollars.�

John Strabley, IMS� executive vice president, stated, �Our trade broker network is reporting numerous success stories from our online marketplace: A member in California with infrequent sales because of her specialized product has made 70 sales on the national barter marketplace in the last 180 days.

�Another member in New York with an average of $2500 per year in sales has sold over $9K on the marketplace in the last 90 days. An auto accessory distributor in Colorado � brand new to IMS barter � has completed over $12K in sales in 180 days. Clearly, the timing of our marketplace launch was ideal for members who, because of the economy, are looking for ways to keep their businesses humming.�

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