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October 26, 2004

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Trade Associations' Commercial Barter Industry Numbers Are Similar

Last week’s story on the member-survey by the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE), regarding the amount of barter business done annually with North American companies, generated considerable attention. Some respondents were wondering how these figures coincided with earlier projections by the industry, in that larger numbers have often been quoted in the press.

In checking our records, the last projections for the commercial barter industry were done by the International Reciprocal Trade Association in July of 2001. Although IRTA’s industry projections were from a worldwide perspective, they did break down trading activity geographically and alluded to the amount of barter in North American as well as other world-wide locations.

The figures for North America from both organizations were remarkably similar. NATE yearly figures as reported last week: $2 billion. IRTA figures reported in 2001 were $1.7 billion.

The IRTA study also reported that the total value of products and services bartered by small and mid-sized businesses through commercial barter networks outside of North America to be 3.5 billion $EU in Europe, and 670 million $AUD through Australasian barter networks.

The European results include the world’s oldest and largest barter network, WIR, which is located in Switzerland and accounts for over $E3 billion of the geographical area’s trading activity. And in Australasia, Bartercard’s size and presence accounted for over $A600 million of the trading activity in that part of the world.

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From the BarterNews Archives...

Part 2: How To Use Radio To Increase Company Sales

By Victor Ives, 30-year broadcast veteran

Last week we noted that the most effective radio commercials are those which inform, entertain, and sell without the exclusion of any of those elements.

Radio commercials can be whimsical and effective at the same time, but most attempts at humor fail. Jokes simply don’t work, although you can paint a picture that’s just enough “off kilter” to compel the listener to “deal” with it. (It’s almost like being unable to resist straightening a picture that’s hanging crooked on the wall.)

We have learned, through right brain research, that we retain more of what we assimilate when the right brain is employed. The trick is getting the listeners to use their imaginations. That’s what makes the message stick.

One whimsical spot was for a lumber yard. It was about a guy calling in asking about the fence he just built. The point was that the store gave people lots of help and that even the unskilled were welcome. The phone conversation went like this:

Customer: Hello, remember me? I am the guy you told how to build the fence that’s six feet by 24 feet.

Salesman: Yes, and I showed you how to sink the post, and to keep it straight and...

Customer: Oh, it’s great....your instructions were perfect...and it’s really sturdy...and it turned out to be exactly six feet by 24 feet.

Salesman: It’s sturdy and exactly six by 24 what’s the problem?

Customer: Well, it’s just that the airport control tower called and they said my new fence is interfering with the landing pattern.

Announcer: At XYZ Lumber we give you all the help we can, we’ll even sketch out plans...but look, if you turn the plans sideways, the most we can do is help you put a red light on it so planes don’t bump into your new fence.

Hysterical? Certainly not, but just whimsical enough to force the listener to visualize some jerk building a fence 24 feet tall and six feet wide. They also got the message that XYZ Lumber will help you by sketching out plans, etc.

(To be continued next week...)

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Drucker Looks Into Future, Foresees Trends Of 21st Century

Peter Drucker, author, teacher and consultant to global business, published his 33rd book, Management Challenges for the 21st Century, in the age of eighty-nine.

Like most of Drucker’s books (dating back to the 1930s) it is filled with thought-provoking observations—grounded in history—on major trends in the economy and business sectors.

The following are this Southern California resident’s observations:

1) Collapsing birth rates.
Aging populations in the developing world in most countries, for at least the next 20 years, will have profound consequences for business and politics.

2) Change in education.
Long-distance learning may well make obsolete the free-standing undergraduate college.

3) Redefined health care.
Rather than fighting disease, health care will be defined as the maintenance of physical and mental functioning.

4) New development in business and history.
Individuals will have to manage themselves in the new century and new economy. Each person will have to determine how he or she can best contribute to the task at hand, within the organization to which one belongs.

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  • This year’s U.S. presidential and congressional campaigns will cost a record $3.9 billion, 30% more than the $3 billion spent four years ago, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. (The presidential race alone will cost an estimated $1.2 billion.)

  • Winemaking, one of man’s oldest professions, is rapidly moving into the 21st century. Some vintners have begun using software that allows them to manage, monitor, and analyze all production and compliance information, from grapes to bottles.

    The software not only helps vintners mix between five and 20 types of grapes through the wine-making process, but also aids them when it comes to compliance with taxes and regulatory filings. (All wineries have to file monthly government reports that detail all finished wines and wines in the making.)

  • Despite foreign polls showing anti-American feelings running at its highest levels in years, you would never guess it by looking at the record earnings for U.S. companies overseas. For the first six months of 2004, U.S. corporations saw profits of $102 billion from their overseas-affiliate businesses...a 38% rise from a year earlier.

  • IBM has recaptured the supercomputer speed title from the Japanese world champion, NCE Corp. The new record by a supercomputer—actually a “massively parallel” processing system that uses high-speed connections to link thousands of microprocessors together to perform tasks—runs 36.01 trillion mathematical operations a second!

    Such mind-boggling speed is beyond comprehensive, but very important for scientific progress as simulations on computers are expected to replace laboratories in the future. Scientists hope eventually to model how proteins fold...a process that’s important in designing drugs that can block cancer cells and other diseases.

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