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April 20, 2004

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Alliance Barter Joins Bentley Commerce's Global Network

Steve Webster's Alliance Barter, founded in 1978 with a present membership of 2,500 members, has joined the Bentley Commerce (OTCBB:BLYC) internet-based network and will begin using its VirtualBarter trade exchange management system.

The total of independent trade exchanges associated with Bentley's Online Global Trade Marketplace now numbers 46, an impressive amount since its January 2004 startup.

Bruce Kamm, CEO of Bentley, was enthusiastic: "We are delighted that Alliance Barter has chosen to affiliate with us and use our VirtualBarter software." Members of Alliance Barter will be able to trade with a new base of buyers that now includes thousands of participating members and 226 hotel, resort and B&B properties on its Hospitality Exchange.

For more information: and

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IMS Accepts Invitation From OTCBB Market Leaders Program

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM) announced that it will participate in the "OTCBB Market Leaders" investor relations program. The program is sponsored by the division of National Corporate Services, a leading investor relations firm. (Other participants can be viewed at their microcap web site: screened each company on the OTCBB to determine the top 15% which were invited to appear in the program. All of the invited companies are reporting to the SEC and are making an effort to comply with applicable portions of Sarbanes-Oxley.

"Our company chose to participate," explained IMS CEO Don Mardak, "because we wish to let the investment community know that we wholeheartedly support recent efforts to embrace higher standards for public companies and greater transparency for the investing community."

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Monaghan, Founder Of Domino's, Again Will Benefit From Long Ago Trade

Tom Monaghan originally founded Domino's Pizza in partnership with his college roommate. But the long hours of the startup didn't suit his roommate, who soon wanted out. Unable to come up with any cash to buy out his partner, Monaghan traded on the only asset he had—bartering his old Volkswagen for his partner's 50% interest.

What a trade it's been! Monaghan sold most of the company to Bain Capital, pocketing $400 million in 1998. However, he retained 27% and is about to reap another windfall as Domino's is now planning to go public.

Domino's operates 7,400 take-out and delivery stores including franchises, in the United States and abroad. In 2003, the franchise stores posted sales of about $3.8 billion, and the company-owned stores had $381 million in sales.

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Startup Entrepreneurs Overy Optimistic

A new study, "Expected Costs of Startup Ventures" shows that people in the planning stages of a new business believe a modest amount of cash will be required for their startup, yet will generate high income within a few years.

Solo entrepreneurs expect to spend an average of $6,000 to get started, and anticipate earning $90,000 annually within five years. Team ventures expect to spend $20,000, and have income of $125,000 each within five years.

Initial capital will largely come from personal savings, with just 8% of solo entrepreneurs and 16% of teams will seek bank loans. The two-year study with more than 800 Americans was done by Blade Consulting of Vienna (VA) for the U.S. Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy.

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Here & There...

  • The world's largest private currency, frequent flyer miles, now totals $200 billion (10 trillion miles at 2 cents each). For thoughtful and intelligent advice on playing the increasingly complex frequent flyer game check out:
  • The number of wealthy Asian-Americans has increased more than fivefold in the past two years making them the fastest-growing group of affluent investors, according to a study by Spectrem Group of Chicago.

    Most of the subjects in the study built their wealth as accountants, physicians, dentists or technical specialists. (The study said 5% of the affluent Asian-Americans were business owners, compared with 17% of the broader affluent population.)

    Most of the respondents earned their wealth recently, with very few acquiring their money through inheritance. The study also showed that they take greater risks (are very aggressive) with their investments, and are twice as likely as other affluent investors to trade online. So far they have shied away from using wealth advisers.

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  • With the average wedding costing over $22,000, sponsored weddings are catching on. More and more, couples are willing to exchange a bit of promotion along with their vows in exchange for various goods and services. For more on the subject:

  • Our changing world: United Parcel Service, hit hard by a shift in consumer preferences toward less-expensive ground-delivery services, is negotiating with Europe's Airbus to cancel more than $1.6 billion in orders for A300-600 aircraft.

  • Mark Zandi of says mortgage borrowing and mortgage refinancing rose to $681 billion in 2003, up from $606 billion in 2002. He believes there is still more refinancing possibilities as about 50% of existing mortgages have rates high enough to refinance successfully. And, according to Zandi, it's a key reason why the economy will not fall apart even if job creation remains below average.

  • AJR & Partners, a new service for creating agency transparency in public relations and marketing project pricing, has launched e-Quote. The web site is a quick, easy, and free method for companies to obtain a quote for their marketing and PR planning. For more information:

  • Gary Pacific has just returned from the Global American Countertrade Association meeting in Portugal. He reports that the organization is placing almost 95% emphasis on offset, and slowly abandoning classical countertrade (structured trade, barter and counter-purchasing).

    Pacific sees room for a new organization as an outgrowth, with bankers and trading companies becoming involved. The March 31 - April 3 meeting had more than 200 in attendance, with a large number of attendees from European firms.

  • Singapore is combining creativity with connectedness and business, as they stage Global Entrepolis @ Singapore 2004. To be held October 11 - 15, it promises to be a unique marketplace specially designed to facilitate networking for both small and large companies.

    Another event, the Global-Asia Trading Exchange (July 19 - 23), will be buyer-centric...connecting global buyers from the automotive, electronics, precision engineering, and info-communication industries to a targeted pool of pre-qualified suppliers in customized one-to-one meetings. For more information:

  • China is seeing a rapid rate of investment in fixed assets, which ballooned 43% in the first three months of 2004. The building of greater capacity is fueling demand for raw materials, driving up their prices, and creating energy shortages and supply bottlenecks that could induce inflation and create havoc for the economy.

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