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December 23, 2003

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

We wish you all a joyous holiday season and a wondrous New Year!

There will be no Tuesday Report on December 30, 2003.

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European Advertising Concept Moves To U.S.

A concept that was introduced in London two years ago by Promobikes, and expanded to the European continent earlier this year, is also coming to the United States.

Mini Mobile Media has a licensing agreement for the U.S. and will begin operating in Atlanta...with plans to expand to other major cities in the coming year.

The Promobikes advertising concept uses four-wheel pedal-driven cycles that pull 4-foot by 6-foot color billboard ads. The uniformed cyclists also interact with pedestrians by distributing fliers and coupons for the companies they are advertising.

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"We will trade prawns for planes."

Turn Thailand's shrimp into commercial airliners, says Commerce Minister Watana Muangsook. The Thai government plans to begin negotiations with Airbus, the European aircraft manufacturing giant, to obtain new planes for Thai Airways International and the Royal Thai Air Force.

"We will raise this (barter) issue in talks with the European Union," Watana declared. "If the EU and Airbus are not interested, we may turn to negotiations with Boeing in the U.S."

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New Measuring Device For Radio & Outdoor Advertising

By the end of December, about 100 cars in the Atlanta area will be carrying a new invention that monitors each driver's radio listening and traveling habits. And by the end of the first quarter of 2004, some 500 cars will be carrying the device. (Within three years, if all goes as planned, it will be in thousands of cars in more than a dozen cities.)

IQStat of Duluth spent the last two years developing the equipment which determines what radio station a driver is listening to, and, using global positioning system technology, where the car is traveling within the metro area. The company plans to use it as a way to monitor the exposure and effectiveness of radio and outdoor advertising.

Methods of measuring radio and outdoor advertising have failed to advance at the same pace as advances in technology. To date, Arbitron provided the only national radio station monitoring, and nobody monitors of the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. Carl Ceresoli, CEO and founder of IQStat, believes his company can change that.

IQStat provides "real time, down to the second" information that's available to clients over the Internet within 24 hours. It's similar to the Nielsen Media Research electronic monitoring system that provides daily reports of television viewership.

(In contrast, Arbitron provides a "snapshot in time" based on diaries kept by listeners. The compiled information is reported quarterly to its clients.)

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Here & There...

  • International Monetary Systems reported that their holiday barter expo's and gift shows generated $1.4 million worth of sales (trade volume) all-time high for the company.

    BXI Orange County's 24th Annual Trade Fair brought in some larger than normal sales too, with several vendors doing $35,000 to $55,000 during the one-day Southern California event.

    TradeAmericanCard in Orange County reported excellent sales at their Holiday Expo due to top-quality vendors.

  • The Intagio Group has added Anthony Glaves to its Board of Directors. He will also serve as a consultant to the company in 2004. Glaves has held senior positions at a number of media and high-growth companies including CEO of AllBusiness (formerly BigVine), president of, publisher of Sunset magazine, and other positions at Time Inc.

  • Three top-flight Canadian-produced sports programs (The Business of Sports, Fox Sports World Roundup, and Canada's America Hockey League Roundup) are all barter deals wherein the network shares ad revenue with the producers rather than paying a rights fee.

  • Advertising powerhouse Dentsu has just signed a blockbuster deal with Major League Baseball, agreeing to pay $275 million over six years, i.e. $46 million a year. (That figure more than triples the $13 million received annually under a previous deal.)

    Dentsu resells the TV rights to three broadcast networks in Japan (Fuji TV, TBS and NHK), as well as satellite and broadcast outlets.

    Japan loves baseball and every time a Japanese player arrives in the U.S. to play major league baseball the media gets more valuable! The recent World Series between the New York Yankees and Florida Marlins saw an average of 12.5 million viewers in Japan (even though the games started at 9 a.m.), while in the U.S. the average was 20.1 million viewers for the prime time fall classic.

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