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November 6, 2007

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...11/06/07

NBC Sports Bartering With

Looking to build a bigger digital footprint, NBC Sports put on its barter hat and cut a deal with In a multi-year barter deal will provide a sports news arm and will trade content with NBCSports�which figures to add millions of sport site surfers on the eve of the Super Bowl and the 2008 Summer Olympics in China..

The two companies will pool advertising and sponsorship sales efforts as part of the new relationship.

Best Graduate-School For Entrepreneurship Located In Southern California

The University of Southern California (USC) may have lost their No. 1 position in football, but in entrepreneurship it�s another story. Both the Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine, rated USC the best graduate program in the nation for entrepreneurs.

Over 900 colleges and universities completed surveys for this year�s ranking, up 30% over last year, which reflects the growing number of schools that teach entrepreneurial courses nationwide. The rankings are based on a survey of mentoring, experiential learning, curriculum, alumni successes, and career prospects for students.

According to David Bloom, associate dean at the USC Marshall School of Business, what makes them different is that their entrepreneurs go out and start amazing businesses...both and were developed from feasibility studies in USC classrooms.

Fall Conference Scheduled For USOBA

The United States Organizations for Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) will hold its 2007 Fall Conference at Bally's Hotel in Las Vegas (NV) on November 12 and 13. USOBA ( announces that Thomas Dakich, a mergers and acquisitions expert, will be speaking at the conference.

Subprime Meltdown Damage Predicted To Reach $4 Trillion!

Investment guru Peter Cohen estimates the subprime mortgage damage will likely total upwards between $2 trillion and $4 trillion. Basically, that�s because of the foreclosures on bad loans throwing more houses on the market. In order for the houses to sell�given the present lower demand�their sales prices must drop.

Assuming a housing value decline of 15% to 20% on the current $21 trillion valuation, Cohen�s prediction would be right on target.

Helpful Information For Small Business Owners

A blog by the Chicago law firm Chuhak & Tecson has informative and helpful articles for the small business owner. The blog aims to provide greater understanding toward preserving one�s business and for personal visions.

For further information see

Vacant Homes In U.S. Hit New High

The Census Department reports that the number of vacant homes for sale rose 2.7% this year in the third quarter, which translates into 2.1 million homes. The number hasn�t risen above 2% since the government began keeping such records in 1965.

The China & Africa Connection

The largest bank in Africa, South Africa�s Standard Bank, sold a 20% stake to China�s Industrial & Commercial Bank last month for $5.6 billion...emphasizing the growing inter-connectiveness of the world.

China�s trade with Africa totaled $55 billion in 2006, and it is growing 40% annually because the Asian titan has an inexhaustible need for African minerals. To African countries, China represents not only a source of low-cost consumer goods, but also a provider of cheap loans and expertise. Chinese investment in Africa is also expected to ratchet up quickly from its moderate level of $10 billion in 2006.

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 Bartercard To Enter India In Early 2008

Bartercard, the Australian trade exchange that depicts itself as the leading exchange in the world, will start retail barter operations February 2008 in India, through a subsidiary.

Rakesh Thapar, Indian license holder for Bartercard, reveals that the company has signed on Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting as brand ambassadors and is currently putting its franchisee network in place.

Professionals and small to medium businesses, with an average trade volume of 100,000 rupees (US$2,500) a month, will be Bartercard�s target in India, and it has set itself a target of 3,500 members in its first year of operation. The company will spend 100-million rupees (US$2.5 million) on marketing and brand-building.

None of the leading trade exchanges in the country are in a hurry to enter retail barter. Rakesh Bhatnagar, CEO, Net4barter, one of the largest trade exchanges in India, says it�ll take at least 18 months before the Indian market is ready for retail barter. Harish Pillai, CEO of Essel Group�s Intrex India, seconds Bhatnagar. But if retail barter is yet to take off, barter at the corporate level seems to be working.

Increasingly consumer durables, automobiles, real-estate, FMCG and industrial products companies are also looking at deals, not just for trade schemes but also for core business areas like the sourcing of raw materials. For instance, Intrex recently helped a power tools company convert excess inventory into media space.

 IMS Announces Sales Totals & 159% Revenue Increase

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, provided its sales volume and revenue figures for September. The month produced the company�s highest revenue total for the year and the greatest percentage increase month-to-month over 2006. There also were substantial increases in trade volume and new-client enrollments.

The September 2007 results areas follows:

         Trade volume for the month totaled more than $8.5 million. (This amount represents sales only � just one side of the transactions.) The total represented an increase of 118% over the $3.9 million in trade volume processed in September of 2006.

         Gross revenue billed was $1,355,000, compared to $523,000 for September of last year, a 159% increase. The September 2007 revenue was the highest monthly total for the year, up $150,000 over the amount reported in August.

         New-client enrollments also were strong with 280 new members joining the barter network in September of 2007. This represented an increase of 100% over the 140 new members signed up in September of last year.

The totals listed above are taken from the company�s internal records and have not been audited.

For more information on IMS see �Site Sponsorship� at the top of this page for click through.

 NYC Uses Barter In Major International Advertising Effort

New York has rolled out its first multinational ad campaign as it battles stiff international competition to bring in tourists. Tagged �This Is New York City,� the effort highlights the wide range of activities and sights of the Big Apple.

The campaign will be aired on TV in Spain, Ireland, France and the United Kingdom. Billboards are planned for Brazil, Portugal, Italy and Spain, while print is ready to go in countries including South Africa and Germany.

NYC & Company, the city's tourism office, has pushed hard overseas, signing up marketing reps and running smaller outdoor campaigns in the U.K. and Ireland. The new TV spots will be the first to appear on foreign television.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to boost the number of annual tourists to 50 million from 44 million by 2015. The heavy focus is on overseas visitors, because they tend to stay longer and spend more. Tourism already pours an estimated $24 billion into the city each year.

TV spots feature a contemporary remix of Ella Fitzgerald singing �Take the A Train,� showing icons like Times Square, Coney Island and the Staten Island Ferry. The print and outdoor executions showcase cultural attractions, shopping, and entertainment.

Ads will also run domestically on cable network The History Channel and in cities including Boston, Philadelphia and Miami. The effort will cost $4.75 million, and also has bartered ad space to the tune of $25 million, NYC & Company revealed.

 Community Time Banks Continue Expansion

The Boston area has several community time banks: The Lynn Time Bank, incorporated in 2004, has more than 300 members. The Cape Ann Time Bank, founded last year, has 120. The nascent Time Trade Circle in Cambridge, with 50 members, expects to ramp up this month when a full-time intern comes on board. They join a network of 140 time banks established over the past two decades in the U.S. and abroad.

A time bank is where people donate their services and receive credit for the time, which can then be �spent� for other member services. The brainchild of University of the District of Columbia law professor Edgar Cahn, they offer a twist on the age-old interdependence of tight-knit communities as an antidote to the isolation that can plague modern life. He estimates a time bank opens every week, thanks in part to software that eases the arranging and recording of transactions.

In Maine, the decade-old Portland Time Bank has 750 active members, mostly lower-income, who last year engaged in more than 25,000 transactions, including medical care at a health center that accepts time dollars. The District of Columbia�s Time Dollar Youth Court allows first-time offenders charged with minor infractions to sit on youth juries to earn time dollars to ��buy�� refurbished computers. In Texas, members of a time bank planted a community garden.

Unlike the monetary economy, which values a doctor�s time more than a day-care worker�s, in time banks the lawyer�s hour equals the same time dollar as the laborer�s. Unlike a barter economy of traded favors � the auto mechanic tunes up the car of the plumber who then fixes the mechanic�s leaky sink � time bank members pay it forward.

Unlike a traditional bank, time banks regularly schedule social events and, in more diverse communities, build bridges across racial and ethnic divides. For example, the Lynn Time Bank is an outgrowth of a support group for parents of children with mental retardation and other developmental delays, and the Cambridge group is an outgrowth of one for parents of children with mental illness.

Time banks offer people of limited means a way to ��purchase�� conveniences � even luxuries � usually reserved for the more affluent. Lynn Time Bank members can find entertainment from a mime, help organizing closets, assistance with grocery shopping, pet sitting, and rides to the doctor.

Some see time banks as a way to help the elderly stay in their homes, with younger residents, for instance, offering home repair and snow shoveling and older residents offering themselves as surrogate grandparents. The first time bank in Massachusetts, founded in 1987 at Kit Clark Senior Services in Dorchester, was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to help the elderly.

Dr. Edgar S. Cahn is creator of Time Dollars and the founder of TimeBanks USA, as well as the co-founder of the National Legal Services Program and the Antioch School of Law. He is the author of No More Throw Away People: The Co-Production Imperative, Time Dollars, Our Brother's Keeper: The Indian in White America, and Hunger USA.

Cahn�s philosophy is five-pointed: Every individual is an asset, some work is beyond price, helping works better as a two-way street, we need each other, and every human being matters.

For more information on time banks go to

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