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January 15, 2008

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...01/15/08

Why Countertrade Will Continue To Grow

Barter done at its highest level is referred to as countertrade, offsets, counter purchase, and other names. Although the world is getting smaller in some ways, thanks to technology, countertrade is not going to disappear. Quite the contrary.

Countertrade will continue to grow because world trade is growing, and countertrade is an inevitable part of that trade. Because as developing nations become more involved in expanding world commerce, they will need countertrade to offset their lack of hard currency (U.S. dollar or the euro) to fulfill their needs.

Other factors that will effect the use of countertrade are technical knowledge, unemployment, and nationalism which often leads to protectionism.

Is $1 Million �Chump Change?�

According to some thinking, having a million dollars in net worth�including the value of your homes(s) and certain retirement assets�is chump change. Yet having a net worth of $1.4 puts one in the top 5% of Americans, according to the Federal Reserve. Interestingly, studies show that when asked how much it takes to be rich, people always give a number that is twice their current net worth or income.

Creative Thinking Adds Up columnist Ray Silverstein gave �barter� a plug in a recent column titled, �Creative Thinking Adds Up.�

60% Of Small Businesses Advertise In Yellow Pages

Local businesses (6 out of 10) stick with old-school yellow pages to get new customers, according to a phone survey from AT&T Advertising & Publishing.

And an independent survey by research firm Kelsey Group finds that 61% of Americans say they turn to the printed yellow-pages listings to find local business information, while 13% say they use search engines.

World�s Third-Largest Advertising Market

The U.S., with its ad agency giants, holds first place in the advertising market, followed by Japan. In third place is China, with the possibility of moving into second place next year. Omnicom Group has recently bought a minority stake in Chinese marketing concern Shunya Communications Group. Omnicom also owns Icon-International, a U.S. corporate barter company located.

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IMS Reveals Increases Across-The-Board For December 2007

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM) reports increases in sales volume and revenue for December.

         Trade volume for the month exceeded $12.2 million, an increase of 4% over $11.7 million in December of 2006. (Trade volume reported by sales only � just one side of the transactions.)

         Gross revenue billed was $1.4 million, compared to $1.1 for December of last year, a 27% increase.

         New-client enrollments also were strong with 249 new members joining the barter network in December. This was an increase of 60% from the 155 new members signed up in December of 2006.

The totals listed above are taken from the company's internal records and have not been audited.

 For more information go to

ITEX CEO Likes What He Sees � Buys Part Of Blogging Company

ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX) announced it was teaming with, an online Seattle company, and had made an equity investment in the private company.

Steven White, chairman and CEO stated, �MyTypes has developed a very customer-centric method to make business blogging easier and friendlier. We are pleased to be able to make the benefits and convenience of MyTypes' services available to our thousands of members utilizing ITEX dollars.

�Blogging is only a small part of how MyTypes will assist us. The ITEX Marketplace will also be made available to the expanding MyTypes business community, currently with more than 5,000 blogs and ranking in the top 10 of major search engine placement for blog-related keywords.�

He continued, �We were so impressed with their team that ITEX also took a 15% equity position in MyTypes. As part of our collaboration, two MyTypes senior software engineers have been retained to work on our in-house initiatives over the next three months. This should prove to be a win-win situation for all parties.�

�ITEX and MyTypes share a similar commitment to making the online marketplace easy to use, and creating a positive and profitable business community for small business,� said Vipin Singh, co-founder and CEO of MyTypes.

�Just as ITEX created a new and better way for small business to increase sales, MyTypes has developed a powerful business blogging platform with built-in promotion for better rankings in the search engines for its business community. We�re really looking forward to proving our value throughout the trading community and building the world�s largest small-business community and online marketplace.�

Advertising Budgets Falling

Executives have grown somewhat more pessimistic about their plans for increasing the shares of their advertising budget for all media, but some media�especially online�seem to be holding up better than others.

The finding, which comes from the latest wave of Advertiser Perceptions twice-annual survey of advertisers and agency media buying executives, indicates a marked drop in the percentage of ad executives who expect their share of ad budgets to increase over the next six months for all the media measured.

The worst hit of all the media, not surprisingly, were broadcast media outlets. Only 16% of ad executives expect radio�s share of spending to increase over the next six months, down from 26% when Advertiser Perceptions conducted a similar study last spring, and down from 19% when it conducted it last year.

Optimism for broadcast TV, meanwhile, dropped to 22% in this survey from 29% in each of the last two surveys.

The most recent study is based on the results of 2,047 ad executives who completed an online survey in October and November 2007. The two previous studies were conducted in April and May of 2007 and in October and November of 2006.

Small Business Owners In Advertising Rut!

When it comes to advertising, small businessowners are definitely in a rut�sticking to traditional media, advertising in printed directories (that are out-of-date before the ink dries!) Here�s the scoop. . .

According to an independent study commissioned by AT&T, the majority of small-business owners see directory advertising as their most effective marketing tool. The survey of 1,000 businesses with 25 employees or less, found that nearly two-thirds (63%) still advertise in a printed directory.

In addition, 72% of those small businesses said they would spend the same amount on printed directory advertising in the coming year; some (11%) said they would spend more. And 19% said they would spend more next year on newspaper and magazine ads, which were cited as the second-most effective marketing tool by the small businesses.

While only about 23% of the respondents said they currently use online advertising (and two-thirds said they have their own web sites), some 53% of them said they expected to buy online advertising featuring video over the next two to three years, according to the survey.

Obviously, AT&T, which publishes the well-known Yellow Pages directory, has a vested interest in the survey. But to eliminate bias, the company contracted Western Wats Data Collection Agency in Utah to conduct the survey.

The small-businesses survey is intended to back up research from The Kelsey Group, in which 61% of Americans say they still use a printed directory to find local information. That survey found that 13% of consumers used search engines to find local information, while 7% used web directories.

The results of both surveys show that businesses and consumers looking for local information are still turning to the tried-and-true book. The top five categories for directory searches are: restaurants, physicians, auto parts suppliers, auto repair shops, and pizza.

According to the survey, 20% said they expected to spend more on internet directories, and 38% expected to spend more on internet banner ads. When it comes to search-word marketing, 43% said they spent more this year than last year, and 34% said they expected to increase search-word spending next year

New Ad Insertion Technology Targeting Hotels Expands Market

Superwire (PINKSHEETS:SUPI) has revealed a strategic alliance with Resort Media Group (RMG) of California for digital ad insertion technology to the hospitality industry. The initial agreement deploys systems in 25 hotels in Texas, Arizona and California.

Under the terms of the agreement, RMG will also market Superwire ad insertion systems to the top 1500 hotels in major cities nationwide. This will allow Superwire to provide 8 to 16 channels of digital ad insertion on the most popular cable television networks (e.g., ESPN, CNN, TBS, USA) to hotels such as Holiday Inn and Radisson.

RMG will distribute easy-to-use flat panel TV interfaces for hotel travelers� cameras, iPods, video games and other digital devices without having to reach rear panel input jacks. The firm also offers applications such as ad-supported hotel guides, video on demand (VOD), and special TV-specific interface capabilities to provide controlled access to content from the internet.

Once fully installed, Superwire will be able to insert local, regional, and national ads to the leisure traveler market. Richard Smith, Chairman of Superwire, asserted, �This deployment will create new, valuable advertising space in a market segment previously out of reach of our advertisers.�

Cliff Hall, President of RMG, added, �Today�s hotels need to be more competitive by staying up with technology that enhances customer retention and increased revenue. The combination of Superwire and RMG�s offerings provide a way to increase revenue with minimal up-front investment.�

For additional information visit

Hotel General Managers

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