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Zampatti Promoting Entire Concert On Barter

Ric Zampatti, founder of The Barter Company in Atlanta  (, is one of the more enterprising exchange owners in the country. Over the last several years he has ambitiously built a very successful billboard business in his area, known as Southern Media.

Now he�s moving in another direction that could prove to be most interesting as well...under his direction, Southern Media is promoting Big Head Todd and the Monsters concert March 11, 2006, at The Fabulous Fox Theatre.

Bartered tickets to a concert are one thing, but using barter to organize and stage an entire concert is quite a different story. According to Zampatti, the facility, lighting and other expenses involved with staging the concert, will be handled on a bartered basis, as well as the considerable advertising effort.

The band, based in Boulder (CO), and Zampatti have wanted to stage such a concert for years, but they could not get the dates to coincide with the band�s touring schedule. For more information on the band and concert go to