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Your USP Sets You Apart From Your Competition

A company�s unique selling proposition (or USP) is that distinct and appealing service or option that sets them apart from their competitors �  price, quality, exclusivity, broad choice, etc. Now�s the time to concentrate on your company�s uniqueness, that central theme upon which you will build a distinct recognition in the marketplace.

Can you articulate it in a single paragraph of 25 words or less? Can your staff and employees define it? What about your prospects and customers? If you haven�t given it much thought up to now, chances are good that your company is not realizing its full potential. Zero in on your USP  �  pinpoint what makes your organization unique, different and distinct from the others.

One powerful way to expand your USP is by incorporating barter into your operation. It�s a benefit which sets you apart from your �me-too� competitors. As a member of a trade exchange you�re not an ordinary business owner, because less than 2% of the businesses in your area belong to a trade exchange. (It�s generally estimated that 400,000 companies, out of 21 million nationwide, are members of commercial trade exchanges.)

So it�s a big plus for making you unique and bringing in new customers �  incremental, extra business that will enable you to increase your customer base. It�s a USP worth embracing in these ever-changing competitive times.

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