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Your Business Can Prosper In The Retail Giants� Shadow

�Entrepreneurial store owners who choose to compete, by implementing innovative strategies, really can succeed in going head-to-head with anybody.�

�Don Taylor, author of Up Against the Wal-Marts

According to Taylor, the successful independent retailer sees the chains and superstores as �steamships plowing through the ocean, and themselves as the sleek racing boat zipping around and through them � changing direction on a dime!� It�s a tremendous, necessary advantage when going up against the superior cash and other resources of the giants.

More than ever, independent retailers know and understand that it is necessary to adapt to their customers. So the number one question they�re asking is, �How can I better serve you?� One of the top strategies the knowledgeable retailer uses for increasing business is working with the local trade exchange. It�s where additional sales are realized without upsetting the cash market, therefore, the best of both worlds.

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