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XO Limited Announces New Barter-Software Features

XO Limited, (www.barter-software.com), offers a neutral internet-based platform which enables multi-lateral trading. The company recently added two new features to its software that both trade exchanges and their members will find most helpful.

“Trading Rating System” To Evaluate Members

Trade rating is a system for evaluating members’ trading skills, honesty and behavior. All members and the exchange administrators have the ability to express their opinion about a particular trader/member. They can also include comments which describe their experiences in dealing with this member.

The trade rating is stored in the database, and an average value is recorded as a current “Trade Rating” for each trader/member.

Trade Status

The newly-announced trade status feature includes five main classes:

1.      New member yet to make a trade.

2.      Trade status unknown...not specified by member.

3.      Trading status on hold...not accepting trades.

4.      Trade needed, actively looking for a trade.

5.      Trade urgently needed.

For more information on XO Limited see: www.barter-software.com.