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XO Limited Announces New Barter-Software Features

XO Limited, (, offers a neutral internet-based platform which enables multi-lateral trading. The company recently added two new features to its software that both trade exchanges and their members will find most helpful.

�Trading Rating System� To Evaluate Members

Trade rating is a system for evaluating members� trading skills, honesty and behavior. All members and the exchange administrators have the ability to express their opinion about a particular trader/member. They can also include comments which describe their experiences in dealing with this member.

The trade rating is stored in the database, and an average value is recorded as a current �Trade Rating� for each trader/member.

Trade Status

The newly-announced trade status feature includes five main classes:

1.      New member yet to make a trade.

2.      Trade status unknown...not specified by member.

3.      Trading status on hold...not accepting trades.

4.      Trade needed, actively looking for a trade.

5.      Trade urgently needed.

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