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World Barter Federation Plans Meeting In Paris

Barter company owners from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are having a second meeting on May 1 and 2 in Paris, with two full days of sharing ideas on the theme of growing the industry in Europe at a pace that matches the tremendous opportunities there.

The Second Annual Conference on Commercial Barter, �Seizing Growth Opportunities for Business Trade Networks in Eurasia,� is being jointly held by the newly organized Assembly of Barter Companies of Europe, Middle East and Asia, in conjunction with International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) Europe.

The two-day symposium is being presented by leading experts of trade exchanges and corporate barter drawn from the fields of management, marketing, brokering, and technology. This highly valued conference affords a seminar/discussion setting for trade exchange and corporate barter executives to learn from theory and concrete examples how modern trade and barter can leverage a wide variety of business objectives in the present financial environment. There is no fee to attend, and non-members of the Assembly or IRTA (Europe) are welcome.

Included will be some �nuts and bolts� material for new startups. Providing the group with expert counseling will be veteran Paul Suplizio, the first executive director of the International Reciprocal Trade Association. His objective will be to keep the sessions focused on big picture themes�like building a national commerce exchange in each country, where will the capital and talent be coming from, and how it may be sold without going door to door.

The meeting will be held in a fine hotel, thanks to host Maximilien Urso of Efficio. It�s the Hotel Napoleon within eye-shot of the Arc d� Triomphe and Champs Elysees, and no doubt there will be a May Day parade that the attendees will be able to enjoy during their stay in one of the world�s most beautiful cities.

The agenda will include the following:

         Seminar/discussion �How Obstacles to Building Commercial Barter Exchanges of 30,000 Businesses in Today�s Economy Can Be Overcome: A Powerful and Untried Solution.� Presenter � Paul E. Suplizio (IRTA).

         Seminar/discussion: �Corporate Barter Inventory Acquisition, Remarketing, And Trade Credit Fulfillment.� Presenter � Ivan Javor (Active International�s managing partner for Central and Eastern Europe).

         Seminar/discussion: �How Trade Exchanges and Corporate Barter Companies Can Work Together.� Presenters � Ivan Javor (Active International), and Bob Bagga (BizXchange Dubai CEO).

         Seminar/discussion: �Trade Secrets: Techniques Of Successful Trade Brokers In A Barter Exchange.� Panelists � Dr. Sirri Simsek (Turk Barter president), Bob Bagga (BixXchange Dubai CEO), and David Wallach (IRTA president).

         Seminar/discussion: �Trading for Employee Benefits, Life and Casualty Insurance.� Panelist � Dr. Sirri Simsek (Turk Barter president).

         Seminar/discussion: �Franchising, Licensing, Mergers and Acquisitions: Lessons From Past Successes and Failures.� Presenter � Paul E. Suplizio (IRTA).

         Seminar/discussion: �Trading for Advertising With Print and Electronic Media.� Panelists � Ivan Javor (Active International), Dr. Sirri Simsek (Turk Barter), and David Wallach (IRTA president).

         Seminar/discussion: �Regulating Credit Extension, Money Supply, and Deficit Spending by the Owners of a Trade Exchange.� Panelists � Ron Whitney (IRTA executive director & Universal Currency manager) and Paul E. Suplizio (IRTA).

         Seminar/discussion: �Overcoming Obstacles to Growth: Imbalances Within Your Exchange, Lack of Capital and Quality Staff, & Poor Sales and Marketing Strategy.� Moderator � Paul E. Suplizio (IRTA).

         Seminar/discussion: �Managing Trading With Other Exchanges Especially For Hotels, Rental Cars, and Good Restaurants for Your Members.� Panelists � Dr. Sirri Simsek (Turk Barter), Ron Whitney (IRTA and UC), Bob Bagga (BizXchange Dubai CEO), and Paul E. Suplizio (IRTA).

         Seminar/discussion: �Special Techniques of Trading For Residential and Commercial Real Estate and Leases.� Moderator � Paul E. Suplizio (IRTA).

All persons planning to attend must register in advance with Paul Suplizio, the USA-based conference coordinator. Contact him via e-mail at, or by telephone at 703-820-7707.

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